Your Local Bottled Gas Supplier

Based between the Northumberland coastal villages of Howick and Craster, we supply bottled gas direct to your door. Centrally located between all of the major caravan and camping sites in North Northumberland, it couldn’t be easier to source your bottled propane or butane gas.

Types of gas supplied are:

  • Bottled Propane Gas Cylinders
  • Bottled Butane Gas Cylinders
  • BP Gas Light Cylinders

Propane & Butane Gas Cylinders

As the main distributors in our area for FlogasĀ propane and butane cylinders we carry a large stock of gas cylinders ready for delivery at all times. It can be used for Lighting, heating, cooking, fork lift trucks, all types of mobile and static home use and a wide range of other domestic and commercial uses.

The bottled propane gas comes in the following cylinder sizes: 3.9kg, 6kg, 11kg, 18kg (flt), 19kg, 47kg whilst the sizes for our butane gas are: 7kg and 13kg.

BP ‘Gas Light’

This is a totally new product in the form of a lightweight gas cylinder which is more attractive to look at and easier to move around. It can be used indoors or outside. A variety of applications from patio heaters to barbeques are suitable uses for the new gas light cylinders and they are transparent too, letting you see at a glance how much fuel is being used or is left.