Gas Light

BP Gas Light LPG Bottles

Getting friends and family together just got easier. BP Gas light supplied by us makes getting your bottled gas cylinders more convenient. The gas is contained in a safe, ultra-light, great looking package with go anywhere, do anything versatility.

Use it for indoors or outdoors to produce cordon bleu treats or sizzling barbeques. Because of the translucent design you can see just how much gas is left at a glance. Great for outdoor patio heaters.

The BP Gas Light cylinder comes fitted with a 27mm clip-on valve to allow easy connection to most barbeques and patio heaters. Gas Light is so convenient, you can have warm moments practically wherever you want.

As you can see, the ultra-solid handle is easy to grip and provides total protection for the valve. Because the bottle is made of corrosion proof fibreglass-reinforced material, you can view the level of gas remaining at a glance. The construction of these bottles meets and passes all European safety standards.



We supply Gas Light in the following sizes:

5kg £18.30 – refill
10kg £25.00 – refill

A £25 deposit is payable in addition to the above prices for new bottles.

Safety Advice

BP Gas Light is at least as safe as the steel alternatives. Only wrong handling involves a risk.

With this in mind, always follow the safety rules listed below. Never jeapordise yourself or your loved ones with missuse.

  • Regulators must be correctly fitted. Make sure the ring of the regulator is pressed down.
  • The hoses must be fitted with clamps and have no cracks.
  • Always keep the bottle in an upright position.
  • Turn off the regulator on the bottle when you have finished using it.
  • In the event of a gas leak, you can easily smell the gas. Ensure the area is thoroughly ventilated and be careful with sparks and electricity.

Gas Light – Half the weight, twice the fun

The new lightweight bottle gives you 10kg of gas with approximately half the cylinder weight. It’s the result of using state of the art technology to make everyday life more enjoyable. When you see how easy it is to get your BP Gas Light in and out of the car or up some steps, it will open up whole new horizons of family fun.