Propane & Butane

propane-butane-gas-cylinders-whitebgHeat – Where and when you want it!

Bottled gas supplied by us provides operating efficiency, economy and flexibility which is unmatched by most other types of fuel.

If you require a highly portable and powerful source of fuel, our Butane & Propane cylinders are available in a wide range of sizes.

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Many homes now use Butane as their principal source of heat in mobile or wall mounted radiant heaters. Propane cylinders can also power cookers and full domestic heating by using a 2 or 4 cylinder installation including automatic change-over valve.
Propane is an excellent fuel for hotels, restaurants and canteens. Equipment available/suitable includes cookers, fryers, grills and water heaters.
Propane is an ideal fuel about the farm. An independant mobile and powerful fuel supply for poultry and pig rearing, site heating and the hundred and one other jobs that this fuel can tackle.
The portability of Propane & Butane gas bottles makes them suited for fuelling site equipment in all weathers. The range of LPG applications includes floodlights, bitumen boilers and hand torches for every purpose. They are especially good for catering equipment and space heaters such as barbeques and patio heaters.
Propane combines the advantages of diesel and electric power but with none of the disadvantages. LPG burns cleanly, thereby greatly reducing exhaust pollution, engine wear and maintenance costs. Smooth continuous full power without downtime for recharging or power drop-off after prolonged use.
Propane provides a consistent and controllable fuel for baking and stoving ovens, annealing and heat treatment furnaces, kilns and all types of process heating. Oxy-Propane mixtures are widely used in the metal working industries.
Used in a very wide range of boilers, storage and multi-point heaters. Propane provides hot water for every purpose.